Me Raw: You Cooked

by Emma & Rod MacDougall

You've discovered raw food and you're excited! You feel shiny, vibrant and new!

But here's the clincher: your relationship seems to be deteriorating.

Your partner just doesn't get it and what's more, they are just not interested in trying raw food or talking about anything raw-related!

You might even be at the stage where you're arguing about each others food choices!

You're wondering why this is happening, why what you're eating could possibly be causing so many problems!

The good news is that you're not the first couple to experience these issues.

The even better news is that I'm here to tell you there is a way to maintain raw and peace in your relationship and at the dinner table! And I'm going to show you how in my book Me Raw: You Cooked.

Me Raw: You Cooked was written specifically with you in mind. It's your ultimate guide to the raw-cooked relationship. The first book of its kind, you'll delve in to what happens in a relationship when one person decides to pursue a raw food lifestyle whilst the other maintains their regular (even junk food) diet!

You'll discover exactly what happened in my relationship when I went raw both from my perspective and my husbands through excerpts from my diary and emails we sent to each other.

"You have filled a much, much needed niche in raw information. I purchased a copy and immediately read through the whole thing. You touched on so many of the things I have discovered for myself and added a great deal of missing ideas and information to my personal knowledge base.

Thank you so much for writing a book that I have already found very helpful and hope my husband will find helpful, too. I definitely recommend Emma's book!" - S, Idaho

There's a detailed section dedicated to outlining exactly the kinds of issues that arise and just what you can do to overcome these to bring peace back in to the relationship and allow you both to pursue your preferred food choices.

"Being the Raw Wife with the Cooked Husband and finding this an enormous struggle far too often, I have bought it immediately! Thank you for being an inspiration, showing that it can (and how) be done!" - B, London

"Emma and Rod together have walked through this territory and offer a candid, transparent account of what it was like for them – and how to avoid their mistakes! I can see this being useful also if you’re living with housemates or your family and they’re not sharing your passion for raw. This is a really easy, enjoyable, addictive read – highly recommended." - Corrina Gordon-Barnes, You Inspire Me Coaching

A further bonus of Me Raw: You Cooked is the final recipe section which contains some delicious tried and tested dishes aimed at raw-cooked couples with fantastic recipes that can be easily adapted and shared by you and your partner.

"Thank you VERY much for writing this and sharing your story so openly. You've given me many valuable insights into my own raw-cooked relationship, some that will very likely smooth out some of the potholes in this shared-but-somewhat-separate journey of ours" - F, Nova Scotia

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