So you want to be a Raw Foodist?

by Emma MacDougall

Soooooooo, you want to be a Raw Foodist, huh? Do ya huh huh huh?

But wait a minute. You don't know where to start, right? It all seems a teensy-weensy bit complicated, not to mention overwhelming and, quite frankly, you don't have the time to refer to a dozen books and websites every half hour or listen to Tom, Dick and Harriet.

You're thinking about how everyone else seems to be able to eat raw food so easily and you are the only one struggling.

You yearn for someone to sit you down, speak softly in your gorgeous ear and explain the basics in a way you can easily understand. You want them to show you how to transition in a way that works for YOU. What's more, you don't want to be made to feel that you're doing it wrong.

Now, if only there was a sexy little book that gives you all the basic info you need on how to transition to eating more raw foods, without loads of complicated or scary stuff.

Hang on just a dog darn minute!

What's this?

So You Want To Be A Raw Foodist?: your step-by-step guide to adopting a High Raw or All Raw food lifestyle without completely losing the plot!

Discover just how much more there is to the Raw Food lifestyle than just eating some salad...

Revel in how to ensure a smooth transition, whether you want to go all the way (ooh) or just first base...

Marvel at how to easily overcome the social implications...

Inspire yourself through the stories of others who've already made the move to a high-raw or all raw food diet...

YES YES YES! It's time to get excited. You'll find everything you could ever want to know and more in this practical and common sense guide.

"'So You Want To Be A Raw Foodist?' is a down-to-earth, beginnerīs manual which I wish I had had when I started going raw.

The book is written in a way which provides information, but doesnīt try to convince you to follow any particular path. The exercises probe you to think about why you might want to go raw, how it might affect your life, and how you might deal with the changes that it might bring about.

This is genius in my opinion."

Funky Raw Magazine

The magical truth is that transitioning to a raw food lifestyle can be more than simple and buckets of fun, especially when you have a clearer idea of what to expect and how to make the changes that will benefit you. You'll get that here.

Aren't you excited to find out how easy it can be?

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